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Despite that success, Adams found larger fame with The Hitchhiker's Guide, which started as a weekly radio series on BBC Radio 4 in 1978.
For the most part, Adams says he is satisfied with the wide range of composers he has selected for Minimalist Jukebox, but he does admit to one regret, the omission of music by Gavin Bryars, the English composer best-known for the bathetic ``Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet.
Because the BKD and Moss Adams firms are similar, we compare notes and evaluate best practices.
Belanger believes the Adams Mine landfill proposal is a high risk, low reward venture that could pollute the area's ground water and adversely impact the area's only growth engine, its multimillion-dollar dairy industry.
Hancock met Samuel Adams soon after returning to Boston, and the two patriots enjoyed a stormy but lifelong friendship and political partnership.
Conventionally structured, True Meaning takes us through various landscapes, with Adams as our tour guide, his photographs and video archives as the main map.
Realizing that Ford's across-the-board application of independent rear suspensions (IRSs) on SUVs locked it into a higher cost structure and reduced differentiation of models, Adams put together a team charged with investigating the creation of a bolt-in IRSn module for live axle vehicles, one that requires no modifications to the floor pan.
Now Adams gets the full Big Book treatment in a wonderful new biography by David McCullough, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Truman.
Adams' background: An admitted "C" student from the projects in Jacksonville, Florida, Adams landed a football scholarship to Morris Brown College in Atlanta.
Actually, it is still under development," said Adams.
No Adams has been able to make a living doing what his father did," he says.