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Adam, Evelyn

[b. 1929] a Canadian nursing theorist who applied the structure of a conceptual model for nursing in her book, Être Infirmière in 1979 (To Be a Nurse, 1980). Adam believes that a theory is useful to more than one discipline, but that a conceptual model for a discipline is useful only to that discipline. A conceptual model consists of assumptions, beliefs and values, and major units. Adam developed Virginia Henderson's concepts within Dorothy E. Johnson's structure of a conceptual model. She describes the goal of nursing as maintaining or restoring the client's independence in the satisfaction of 14 fundamental needs. Each need has biological, physiological, and psychosocial aspects. The nurse complements and supplements the client's strength, knowledge, and will.
AIDS Amsterdam Duration of Antiretroviral Medication. A trial assessing the feasibility of manageing HIV-1 infection with induction therapy followed by maintenance therapy with highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART)
Conclusion While induction rapidly suppressed viral replication to below 50 copies/mL, suppression was not sustained in most patients receiving maintenance therapy
Surgery Aneurysm Detection and Management Veterans Coorperative Study. A trial that compared 2 strategies for managing small—4.0- to 5.4-cm—abdominal aortic aneurysms: immediate open surgical repair or imaging surveillance at 6-month intervals, reserving surgery for those aneurysms that either grow to 5.5 cm, enlarge rapidly or become symptomatic
Conclusion Given the operative mortality of ±8.4% and based on the low rupture rate, ± 0.5%/year in ADAM and the United Kingdom Small Aneurysm Trial, surveillance may be the best approach for managing AAAs


Cardiology A clinical trial–Amsterdam Duration of Antiretroviral Medication


Ecstasy, see there.


first man, according to the Bible.
Adam's apple - Synonym(s): laryngeal prominence
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