loss ratio

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loss ratio,

n the relationship between the money paid out in benefits and the amount collected in premiums.
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5 in chart 1, the actual loss ratios are compared with the forecasts of loss ratios for the five lines of insurance in the experiment.
It must also report annually to DFS on its actual loss ratio, earned premiums, itemized expenses, losses, and reserves.
Assuming a working year of 300 days, the actual loss ratio was derived by dividing 23.
Now suppose that six months later, the actual loss ratio on the healthcare index was 75% instead of 65%, due to an unexpected increase in AIDS-related costs, or an unexpected outbreak of a new strain of flu.
Overall, the difference between the actual loss ratio in 2002 and the normalized loss ratio which we had been expecting increased annual earnings per share by about $0.
Important factors that could affect actual results include, but are not limited to, the actual loss ratio on the Company's dental indemnity business, the future cost of dental services performed under the Company's point-of-service dental plans, the effectiveness of certain administrative changes to the Company's operations and the actual sales of the Company's products.