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n the set of instructions necessary to direct the computer to carry out a well-defined mathematical or logical operation; a subunit of a routine.
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Consumer Activation Framework : CIBER's Consumer Activation Framework enables healthcare businesses to reach clients through digital marketing, social media and mobile platforms.
TDC have purchased Axiom's Business Process Manager, (part of the Order-to-Service (O2S) product), Inventory Management (IMS) and Service Activation Framework Environment (SAFE) as their strategic platform for developing DSL services to residential and core customers.
a Northern California-based company, released their "Powered by ArcanaNetworks" Automation Platform brand along with a new Provisioneer(TM) Service Activation Framework.
The 5620 AXiOSS(r) DSM has three main components: the Business Process Manager (BPM)* (Ref 1), Inventory Management System (IMS), and Service Activation Framework Environment (SAFE).