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The drive/compulsion to reduce lengthy terms and names of clinical trials and/or therapies to a short form
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Don Hauptman, author of Acronymania (Dell, 1993) says: "A recent article in Word Ways committed the common mistake of using the word acronym to describe such terms as A.
6) The topic of acronyms in general receives an amusing popular treatment in a book by Don Hauptman, Acronymania.
But just to give you a primer in the acronymania sweeping keyboards nationwide, here are a few of the latest and greatest.
Acronymania and Stats & Facts will provide informative entertainment to
Don Hauptman, author of Cruel and Unusual Puns and Acronymania, speaks and writes on language and wordplay.
My 1993 book Acronymania (Dell, Intrepid Linguist Library) explored the lure and lore of abbreviations--historically, linguistically and humorously.