Acolysis System

Acolysis™ System

An ultrasonic catheter-deployed device, which uses high-frequency ultrasound waves to dissolve clots in occluded blood vessels.
Other potential applications Dissolving clots in access and vascular grafts, DVT, PE and strokes
Note: In a comparison of thrombectomy devices (Hydrolyser, Clot Buster, Acolysis System, AngioJet and Fogarty embolectomy catheter) for acture internal carotid thrombosis, comparing (i) efficiency at removing thrombus, (ii) pressure changes at the tip of each device, and (iii) distal embolisation by flow cytometry, thrombus clearance was least with the Acolysis System (median 34%,) and greatest with the AngioJet (median 95%).
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stated: "We are pleased with the distinction given to Professor Rudofsky's work, which demonstrates the clinical outcomes of our Acolysis system.
The Acolysis system is a CE marked product that uses a generator and disposable intravascular probe to deliver ultrasound waves to lyse blood clots and plaque in arteries.
In addition to detailed descriptions of the ACOLYSIS System and clinical histories of the patients treated, the article also offers a discussion about the possible advantages of ultrasound thrombolysis over other devices used in the attempt to remove clot during coronary interventions.
While the ACOLYSIS System is commercially available outside the US, it is limited to investigational use only in the US in one of two FDA-governed ATLAS Trials.
Multiple reports of past experience with the ACOLYSIS System for coronary syndromes have indicated that ultrasound thrombolysis provides complete clot dissolution while controlling distal embolization.
currently markets the Acolysis System (TM), a high energy, low frequency catheter-based device for intravascular thrombolysis.
cardiologist at Hanusch Hospital, "The new Ziggurat Tip will optimize treatment of thrombus with the ACOLYSIS System in coronary saphenous vein bypass grafts through its improved lysing field.
In the first human use of the ACOLYSIS System, Israeli scientists opened blocked heart arteries in 13 of 15 heart attack patients at the Tel Aviv Medical Center.