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Microscopic examination showed 04 acid fast bacilli / 100 fields, histopathology revealed chronic granulomatous inflammation with necrosis and there was no evidence of malignancy.
Out of 27 samples positive for Oocyst of Cryptosporidium parvum, modified acid fast stain gave 100% results while Giemsa, Iodine, PAS, Trichrome stain gave 11 (40%), 16 (59.
The objective of this study was to detect and confirm the presence of acid fast bacilli in lymph node biopsies using routine Ziehl Neelsen stain, Kinyoun stain and fluorescence staining and also to determine the best, rapid and more cost effective technique of staining for the detection of acid fast bacilli.
An unusual acid fast infection of the knee with subcutaneous, abscess-like lesions of the gluteal region: report of a case study with a study of the organism, Mycobacterium abscessus.
In the first stage we determined the positive cut-off point for ELISA and tested its efficiency using determined cut-off followed by determination of cut-off using 40 sputum samples comprising of 20 TB positive samples confirmed on clinical examinations and acid fast screening and 20 non- TB samples were selected from controls.
We feel that fiberoptic bronchoscopy is a useful procedure to establish the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis when sputum smear examination does not show acid fast bacilli.
The acid fast microorganisms were rose-red to pink in color (Fig.
Out of these 454 PCR positive samples, 69 samples were positive to acid fast staining and 31 samples could be cultured on the medium.
The organism's acid-fast nature can commonly result in a misidentification of other acid fast bacterium such as M.
Although histopathologic examination of lymphnode was nonspecific for tuberculosis, acid fast bacilli could be demonstrated in the biopsy of splenic nodule in this case (9).
Data was reviewed, including clinical history, availability of acid fast bacilli stain on tissue and mycobacterium tuberculosis culture results.
Smear from preputial ulcer for acid fast bacilli (M.