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Mythic Greek warrior, vulnerable to wounding only in his heel. See: Achilles bursa, Achilles reflex, Achilles tendon.


mythical Greek warrior who was vulnerable only in the heel.
Achilles bursa - bursa between the tendo calcaneus and the upper part of the posterior surface of the calcaneum. Synonym(s): bursa of tendo calcaneus
Achilles reflex - a contraction of the calf muscles when the tendo calcaneus is sharply struck. Synonym(s): ankle jerk; ankle reflex; tendo Achillis reflex; triceps surae reflex
Achilles tendon - the tendon of insertion of the triceps surae (gastrocnemius and soleus) into the tuberosity of the calcaneus. Synonym(s): tendo calcaneus
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This might have created an anachronistic feeling (one doesn't automatically think of grief pistol-whipping Achilleus as the natural idiom of The Iliad), but instead creates an eerie feeling of recurrence and timelessness.
On the day of his death I thought of the soul flying out of the body, I remembered the image of Achilleus dropping down to his knees and then scrubbing his face back and forth in the dirt, back and forth .
I have lost him," Achilleus would confess to Patroklus' ghost.
In Homer's text, Agamemnon is a flawed character for sure, and his affront to Achilleus' honor quite real, but he is still enough of a hero to serve as a credible representative of the timocratic order that Achilleus has temporarily (and insanely) rejected in his wrath.
But much is lost with this sanitized Achilleus and this overly flawed Agamemnon.
And they who were my seven brothers in the great house all went upon a single day down into the house of the death god, for swift-footed brilliant Achilleus slaughtered all of them as they were tending their white sheep and their lumbering oxen; and when he had led my mother, who was queen under wooded Plakos, here, along with all his other possessions, Achilleus released her again, accepting ransom beyond count.
In the epic the Iliad, he is a fan of the Greek army in assisting the Greek heroes including Fezheh, Lars, Achilleus and has an important role in making weapons for Achilleus who became his everlasting arms.
Tethys: Sea Lord knew from the beginning based on the divination Achilleus son of Troy will be killed and tried to hide him and he is safe from this danger, But the Greeks were aware of his craft and took him.
I refer to Iliad, book 1, in which Achilleus wants the distribution of booty to stand, just as the sons of the Achaians gave it.
Iliad, book 1, contrasts Achilleus and Agamemnon, and the Odyssey as a whole can be thought of as contrasting two heroic styles--Achilleus's and Odysseus's.
Chariton Xenophon Achilleus Longos Heliodor [TEXT NOT 6 0 22 7 3 REPRODU- (1/25 S.
Die erste Verwendung des Begriffs [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] am Beginn von Achilleus Tatios' Roman Leukippe und Kleitophon ist gleichzeitig auch die programmatischste.