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Mythic Greek warrior, vulnerable to wounding only in his heel. See: Achilles bursa, Achilles reflex, Achilles tendon.


mythical Greek warrior who was vulnerable only in the heel.
Achilles bursa - bursa between the tendo calcaneus and the upper part of the posterior surface of the calcaneum. Synonym(s): bursa of tendo calcaneus
Achilles reflex - a contraction of the calf muscles when the tendo calcaneus is sharply struck. Synonym(s): ankle jerk; ankle reflex; tendo Achillis reflex; triceps surae reflex
Achilles tendon - the tendon of insertion of the triceps surae (gastrocnemius and soleus) into the tuberosity of the calcaneus. Synonym(s): tendo calcaneus
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In 1976, Traum was the first above-the-knee amputee to complete a marathon on a prosthesis, and a short time later founded Achilles in New York City to help others with disabilities compete in marathons and other long distance races.
Achilles felt the statutory warnings are not read by smokers, but recorded messages are a sure way of getting the message through.
Until the end of September, everyone playing the Achilles slot in the download, instant-play or mobile casino will earn double comp points.
The 24-year-old, who is Hull's most inventive forward by a distance, has torn his left achilles tendon and Bruce does not expect to see him in the pitch until February.
What's startling about this sharply written, cleverly reimagined, enormously promising debut novel from Madeline Miller is how fresh and moving her take on the tale is--how she has managed to bring Achilles and his companion Patroclus to life in our time without removing them from their own.
Achilles tendonitis is a chronic 'stress' injury and can be referred to as 'microtrauma' as opposed to 'macrotrauma' which are traumatic acute injuries such as a sprained ankle or broken wrist.
Release date- 19102012 - DETROIT - With support from GM, Chevrolet and the GM Military Discount Program, 16 members of the Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans will participate in Sunday's 35th annual Detroit Free Press / Talmer Bank Marathon.
Parker missed Tottenham's final four Premier League matches with an Achilles injury but still played for his country at last summer's European Championship.
The Song of Achilles is a love story between exiled princeling Patroclus and son of a goddess Achilles, the Guardian reported on Wednesday.
Achilles was universally known as the most powerful and skilled warrior in all of Greece or even the known world.
Previous studies have reported that use of eccentric strengthening in patients with Achilles tendinopathy is effective in reducing pain (Knobloch et al.
The back-row Widnes forward is facing a six-month lay-off after snapping his Achilles tendon in only the second Super League match to be played on the Vikings' controversial iPitch at the Stobart Stadium.