acceptance testing

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ac·cept·ance test·ing

(ak-septăns testing)
Procedure of testing equipment or processes to ensure that they function within acceptable limits.
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Passing the acceptance tests of a demanding customer like NSCI is a very important milestone for our new Cray X1 product," said Cray Chairman and CEO Jim Rottsolk.
Among these factors are the technical challenges of developing new high performance computer systems, the ability of Cray supercomputer systems to pass individual customer acceptance tests, timely availability of commercially acceptable components from third party suppliers and general economic and market conditions.
Finally, the crucial initial city acceptance test was successfully completed on December 11, 1999, confirmed by an assessment report signed by Chinese officials and representatives from the California Air Resources Board.
Man says the completion of the factory acceptance tests is a major milestone in the system qualification program, during which the conceptual design, thermal layout and mechanical integrity of the newly developed integral high-speed motor, as well as the thermodynamic performance of the compressor, have all been confirmed.
Rottsolk said he is pleased that three of the systems have already passed acceptance tests and users are beginning to do real work on the new Cray X1 supercomputers.
The private company expects to ship the LBSG system to Brazil, where their staff will use the system to perform acceptance tests on a much larger CMM.
The Production Acceptance tests were 100-percent successful and completed exactly as planned.
Most of the discussion on automated acceptance tests focuses on immediate benefits in development and defect detection or regression testing.
Rolls-Royce has reached a major milestone in the Republic of Korea Navy's FFX frigate programme, with the successful completion of acceptance tests for the MT30 gas turbine.
Prior to arrival at the Center, Harris and the FAA conducted extensive Factory Acceptance Tests on the system, which consisted of a comprehensive test of system requirements specified by the FAA.
The problem has been diagnosed and documented, repairs have been made and the tool now has successfully completed the final acceptance tests at the higher standard of performance.
Contract notice: Measurements boot guarantee measurements and acceptance tests bl.