acceptance testing

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ac·cept·ance test·ing

(ak-septăns testing)
Procedure of testing equipment or processes to ensure that they function within acceptable limits.
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We were delighted to welcome the team from Korea during the acceptance tests, and look forward to working with them in the future as we work towards delivery of this highly advanced ship to the Navy.
Following the completion of this first engine, production of the WEnrtsilEn X72 is being ramped up rapidly with orders at several licensees, and the next engine s factory acceptance test is already scheduled for February 2014.
While working on his new book, Gojko Adzic interviewed more than 50 teams that got big pay-offs from automated acceptance tests, including some that have been using agile acceptance testing for six or seven years.
Which long-term benefits are achievable with the right acceptance tests
Rottsolk said he is pleased that three of the systems have already passed acceptance tests and users are beginning to do real work on the new Cray X1 supercomputers.
Contract notice: Measurements boot guarantee measurements and acceptance tests bl.
Contract notice: During construction and technical acceptance tests of the electrical multiple units enno
The problem has been diagnosed and documented, repairs have been made and the tool now has successfully completed the final acceptance tests at the higher standard of performance.