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In addition to the official, state-supported academies there existed other, less official literary and scholarly groups.
Fundamentally academies take power away from politicians and bureaucrats and hand it to the heads and teachers who know their pupils best.
The DfE also issue their own guidelines to Academies, in the form of the Academies Financial Handbook and have recently issued guidelines for implementation of the SORP.
more than two thirds (72%) all academies now support schools they did not work with while under local authority control.
BIRMINGHAM'S education chief has hit back at 'misleading' government claims that 41 struggling primary schools have improved as a result of becoming sponsored academies.
In the second phase, academies will open by March 2013 in Chennai, Chandigarh and Kerala.
As of April 1, there are 2,886 academies employing over 121,000 of the 442,000 teachers in England (up from 79,300 last year).
And it warned the rushed expansion is hitting standards in some schools reopening as academies - as well as sucking resources away from other schools.
Nationally, 1,244 schools have applied to be become academies since June 2010.
In view of their international outreach, we concluded that the academies constituted the intellectual networks of early modern Europe-the equivalent of today's internet-based networking and intellectual and cultural exchange," he added.
Academies are free from council control, meaning they can prioritise funding in areas they see fit.
One year on from when the first schools converted to academy status under the new Coalition Government, Capita's 3rd National Academies Conference focuses on the experience of transition, how to yield the best results for pupils and the changing role of local authorities in the future.