Abrus precatorius

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Abrus precatorius,


pantropical plant genus of the legume family Fabaceae.

Abrus precatorius
seeds contain a toxin, abrin, which causes severe diarrhea and paralysis. Called also jequirity, love precatory, lucky or paternoster bean, rosary or coral pea, crab's eye, minnie-minnie, Indian liquorice.
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Similarly, significant reduction of various antinutritional compounds during autoclaving treatment was reported for Abrus precatorius, Mucuna pruriens var.
The protein quality parameters such as TD, BV, NPU and UP of the experimental diet T5 containing autoclaved SB seeds as a protein source was found to be higher than that of other dietary treatments T2-T6 of the present study and also comparable with that of a previous report on the protein quality of Abrus precatorius, Mucuna pruriens var.
Purification and characterization of three toxins and two agglutinins from Abrus precatorius seeds by using lactamyl-sepharose affinity chromatography.
Immunomodulatory role of native and heat denatured agglutinin from Abrus precatorius.
Abrus abrin, isolated from the seeds of Abrus precatorius, is a hetero-dimeric glycoprotein of 63-kDa molecular weight, composed of two nonidentical polypeptide chains (A- and B-chain) cross-linked through a single disulfide bond (Tahirov et al.
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Abrus precatorius PEP-103, PEP-104, Abridin, Dry extract from seeds Steroidal fraction.