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Albert, U.S. physician, 1863-1924. See: Abrams heart reflex.
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The man that bought him is named Abram Foster -- Abram G.
Their father, old Abram Booth, was a disgusting old sot.
28, Dan Abrams, CEO and founder of Abrams Media and chief legal affairs anchor for ABC News, spoke for about 45 minutes on the relationship between lawyers and the media.
Yet, in the end, Abrams did find resolution, and her gift to us is Black Lotus, an intimate and courageous view from the inside of this rocky process.
McKenzie Elementary School teacher Michael Anthony Abrams on Friday pleaded not guilty in Lane County Circuit Court to a charge of public indecency.
Abrams is slated to direct "Star Wars: Episode VII.
Abrams and business partner Kristen Cook travel around the country on behalf of their clients.
Abrams' name will be familiar to just about every English major of the last half-century, if only because it appears at the top of the spine of each edition of the Norton Anthology of English Literature, which Abrams created in 1962.
The show comes after Shatner's alleged showdown with JJ Abrams, the director of the new Star Trek film.
It may well be that Jon Abrams was predestined to move in to "Movin' Out," Twyla Tharp's acclaimed dance musical setting of 26 Billy Joel numbers.
10, Daniel Everett Abrams of Palm Beach Gardens has petitioned the Florida Supreme Court for Bar reinstatement.
Abrams, MD, MPH, a University of Arizona professor emeritus and founding director of the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Arizona's College of Medicine, died of leukemia July 9 at his home in Tucson, Ariz.