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Richard, Danish chemist, 1869-1910. See: Abegg rule.
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WASHINGTON SPIRIT -- Announced the retirement of D Marisa Abegg.
Built in the 1960s in Riggisberg (Bernese Oberland), the villa--and the illusion truly is deceptive; the Italianate architecture looks nothing like a 60s structure--was commissioned by Swiss art collector Werner Abegg and his American wife, Margaret.
15pm with a programme that can't fail to appeal - opening with Schumann's Abegg Variations, Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and the first book of Debussy's Images, continuing with Sketches by Bartok and ending with a feast for Chopin fans, including two of his Nocturnes and the Andante Spianato and Grand Polonaise.
We're proud of our reputation as an authentic and unpretentious beer and are continuing to reflect that in our packaging," said Miller High Life Brand Manager Joe Abegg.
Marty Abegg, Ben Zion Wacholder Professor of dead Sea Scroll Studies, Religious Studies department, Trinity Western university, Langley, British Columbia, and co-director of the dead Sea Scrolls Institute.
Would the same pattern of student responses to the assignment appear if the mandatory assignment was given earlier in the semester when students and instructors were strangers (Weir, 1992; Caggiano, Audet, & Abegg, 1995) instead of half-way through the course, or if the assignment was given in a course that was not coordinated with a classroom component?
When he accused her of being lazy, she would prove him wrong, as she did when she mastered Schumann's Abegg Variations and Ravel's Gaspard de la nuit in just five days.
Martin Abegg, will speak on the Dead Sea scrolls, what these ancient manuscripts reveal about religious life in Israel 2,000 years ago, and their relation to the roots of Judaism and Christianity.
Although there is dialog with Martin Abegg, more specific reference to Dunn and Wright at this point would have been desirable.
Brand: Jim Beam & Cola Supplier: Jim Beam Brands Marketing Director: Keith Newmann Brand Manager: Joe Abegg Agency: Young & Rubicam Chicago Creative Directors: Dan Fietsam, Corey Cisek Copywriter: Berk Wasserman Art Director: Todd Durston