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But the ABE team could not get funding to use ABE again until 1999, for a cruise led by Marie-Helene Cormier and Bill Ryan of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory to the East Pacific Rise.
Your Deep-Submergence Laboratory and ABE group have created and now test-proven an extraordinary new tool.
ABE would dive at night and resurface in pre-dawn light.
One ABE LC objective is to enhance learning and team skills through collaborative, learning-based educational methodology in learning community courses.
Assessment is a major component of the ABE LC to judge program success and provide data for scholarship efforts.
With its steady, low-flying ride and precise navigation, ABE flew straight lines back and forth over the lava flow.
That's when I realized that ABE could be a superb deep-submergence surveying tool," Tivey said.
For this mission, ABE will not attempt to dock but will spend all its battery power patiently zigzagging back and forth across the area of interest recording magnetic field variations to determine the areal extent and thickness of the new, highly magnetic lava flow and its relatively nonmagnetic subsurface dike or feeder channel.
For its next mission, we plan to launch ABE at the beginning of an Alvin dive series, and allow it to run autonomously for a period of about 10 days.
Founded in 1994, ABE Staffing Services is a national leader in providing independent contractor classification and compliance support to companies.
Professor Stephen Parkinson, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law, said: "The University has long held ABE in high regard as a regulated UK professional body offering high-quality, affordable business and management qualifications and the approval of the BA Business and Management Studies degree marks the latest stage of a long association between our two organisations.
Founded in 1973, ABE now operates in over 70 countries worldwide and works with universities, employers and other professional bodies to gives students the skills required to succeed in business and management.