Abdellah, Faye Glenn

Etymology: b. 1919
a nursing theorist who introduced a typology of 21 nursing problems in 1960 in Patient-Centered Approaches to Nursing. The concepts of nursing, nursing problems, and the problem-solving process are central to Abdellah's work. The typology is divided into three areas: (1) the physical, sociological, and emotional needs of the patient; (2) the types of interpersonal relationships between the nurse and the patient; and (3) the common elements of patient care. It was formulated in terms of nursing-centered services that can be used to determine the patient's needs and to teach and evaluate nursing students. It was based on systematic research studies. The typology provided a scientific body of knowledge unique to nursing, making it possible to move away from the medical model of educating nurses. The nursing diagnosis classification system may be considered an outgrowth of Abdellah's typology.
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L'inauguration de l'evenement sera marquee par la projection du film de Patrick Poivre d'Arvor (Une maison, un artiste : Yves Saint Laurent a Majorelle) qui sera suivie d'un debat entre Pierre Berge, Abdellah Taia et Jean-Yves Maisonneuve.
Meanwhile, Dakker Abdellah, a member of the Egyptian Businessmen's Association and the EFCBC, requested, in a Sunday statement, that the implementation of the new Administrative Capital commence after the New Suez Canal's inauguration.
beaucoup moins que] Cette caravane a pour mission de se rapprocher du fellah dans son environnement afin de l'informer des avantages de l'assurance [beaucoup plus grand que], a explique Abdellah Hamza, directeur de la CRMA d'El Oued.
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The meeting took place in the presence of Minister of State, Abdellah Baha and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Rabat, Tarik Ismail oglu Aliyev.
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Summary: HM King Mohammed VI enquired, Monday in Fez, about the programme for upgrading and extending the Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah university, worth about 463 million dirhams.
Last week Abdellah Ahmed Abdellah, deputy chairman of Sudan's National Electoral Commission, announced the delay of the general elections for more than seven months.
Jordanian-born Shadi Abdellah 25 told a Hamburg court he briefly served as bin Laden's bodyguard while attending an al Qaida training camp.
CONTACT: Helen Hutchings of Buick, 805-373-8491; or Bob Abdellah of King Sports, 317-843-5444/
We believe that this partnership provides significant benefits to our customers' enterprise, engineering, and manufacturing strategy," said Abdellah Hoummady, CEO of Galaxia Inc.
L a nomination de Lahcen Sekkouri du Mouvement populaire (MP) au poste de ministre de la Jeunesse et des Sports survient apres l'election de Mohand Laenser, Secretaire general du MP a la tete de la Region Fes-Meknes, lequel avait remplace un autre membre de la direction du MP, Mohamed Ouzzine, qui a quitte ses fonctions suite au scandale du stade de Moulay Abdellah de Rabat de l'hiver dernier.