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Two versions of the CrossFire ATM155 Uplink modules are available: the OC-8320 for UTP-5 copper with a shielded RJ45 connector interface; and the OC-8321 for a 155Mbps Optical Carrier (OC)-3c multimode optical interface with a duplex SC connector.
Olicom's CrossFire ATM155 Uplinks (OC-8320 and OC-8321) for the CrossFire Token-Ring Switch (OC-8600) are priced at $3,495 and $3,995 respectively, and will be available in November 1997.
Each port on an ATM155 Network Option module supports 2048 VCCs (Virtual Channel Connections) and 64 VPCs (Virtual Path Connections).
Whitetree's Workgroup Switches automatically detect the presence of an ATM155 Network Option module and configure it to default or previously configured settings.
Whitetree's new ATM155 Network Option Modules are available immediately through Whitetree authorized resellers.
Additional products, including an ATM155 workgroup switch, scheduled for delivery in early 1997, are currently under development.
Whitetree plans to deliver a series of ATM155 switches called the WS4000(TM) Workgroup Switch line of products.
The switch also supports high-speed ATM networking with its optional ATM155 Network Option module for connectivity to backbone ATM switch/router, server or client end stations.