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A locus on chromosome 5p13.1-p12 that encodes glial-cell-derived neurotrophic factor, which enhances survival and morphological differentiation of dopaminergic neurons and increases high-affinity dopamine uptake. It is a ligand for the product of the RET (rearranged during transfection) proto-oncogene.

Molecular pathology
GDNF mutations may be associated with Hirschsprung disease.


Molecular virology Activating transcription factor A cellular protein that stimulates transcription of adenovirus E4 transcription unit, which acts early in infection at any of several 'enhancer' binding sites
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On top of that, ATF is an efficient and well-organized event with many conferences and seminars, and it offers a one-stop shop for small content distributors who cannot afford the cost or take the time to travel across a vast Pacific Ocean area (for example, it's an eight-hour flight to reach Singapore from seemingly nearby Tokyo).
Comparison of the ATF software with Coloseum's offering and that of AFS, another commercial developer, shows that ATF's version is inferior to the commercial products.
It is these dealers that ATF has virtually no power to control.
The coordinator has responsibility for receiving all recovery information and forwarding the information within a 24-hour period to the nearest ATF field office for tracing.
In contrast to ACM, the two silicone compounds exhibited extremely high volume swells in ATF fluid.
More information on ATF and its programs can be found at www.
The Northern California warrants resulted in 16 or 17 arrests, said Marti McKee, ATF spokeswoman in San Francisco.
Prior to the raid, ATF public relations director Sharon Wheeler had contacted local reporters to arrange a February 28th press conference--presumably to announce the ATF's triumphant armed raid against "cult leader" Koresh and his heavily armed followers.
But the military helicopters--complete with mounted machine guns--gave the ATF no tactical advantage and thus were needlessly provocative.
ASERT engineers update Arbor Networks' ATF policies, which broaden Arbor Peakflow(R) threat detection capabilities by delivering a feed of robust, continually-updated behavioral security fingerprints.
Anyone with information is asked to call the ATF crime gun hotline 1-800-ATF-GUNS (1-800-283-4867) or "Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana" and the telephone number is 317-262-TIPS.
The ATF agent fired a single shot at the driver when the fugitive sped toward him.