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Abbreviation for atmosphere absolute.


1. One atmosphere absolute, i.e., the air pressure found at sea level on earth.
2. American Telemedicine Association.
3. American Tinnitus Association.
4. Alliance for Technology Access.


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5 Serial ATA hard disk drive and PMC-Sierra's QuadSMX 3G is a critical step in delivering advanced storage products to the market.
With NCQ, Serial ATA devices can provide sophisticated command reordering optimizations for multi-threaded applications previously only available with higher-end storage interfaces.
It will also utilize the Serial ATA development work on smaller cable connectors, providing customers a downstream compatibility with desktop class ATA technologies.
The major driving factor of D2D backup is the price per MB and the performance of ATA drives when utilizing 32KB block transfers, not necessarily the ATA vs.
Ultra ATA/100 and ATA/133, the current Parallel ATA interfaces, offer peak transfer rates of only 100MB/sec and 133MB/sec, respectively.
The 200GB SP2014N ($130) and the 250GB SP2514N ($150) feature an Ultra ATA-133 Interface, Fluid Dynamic Bearing Spindle Motor Technology, ATA Security Mode, ATA host Protected Area, and an ATA Streaming Feature.
With UDMA/ATA there's a very short maximum allowable cable length between the controller and drives of 18 inches, meaning that ATA interfaces are limited to "inside the box" RAID applications.
The ATA interface, designed to be cheap, has some serious problems.
Test suites cover over 10 different categories to verify all ATA commands, reset, power modes under normal and error conditions
Use of an 80-conductor cable also has enabled Quantum to double the Ultra ATA burst data transfer rate--simply by streamlining data management within the drive.
Much of this shift reflected the growth of ATA and, to a lesser extent, Southwest during this period.