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One noninvasive way of measuring ASCVD and plaque burden is to image calcification within the coronary vessel.
We and other investigators have found that the novel markers of inflammation that are associated with ASCVD in more traditional populations, such as sCD-154, high-sensitivity CRP, and MCP-1, did not distinguish SLE patients with and without CAC.
Must give Class of recommendation I, level of evidence A: * Persons <75 years of age with clinical ASCVD, give high intensity dose; if not tolerated, give moderate dose * Persons 40-75 years of age with DM, without ASCVD and with an LDL-C 1.
In patients in the lower 10-year ASCVD risk categories based on the equations, the predicted 5-year event rates were spot-on with the observed rates.
In this cohort, the risk equations modestly underestimated the observed ASCVD event rate.
Statin drugs are the standard of care for the redress of many ASCVD risk factors and have simultaneous side benefits on endothelial function.
One unintended consequence of introducing the metabolic syndrome into ATP III was to motivate epidemiologists in the fields of ASCVD and diabetes to examine the contribution of metabolic syndrome to the development of these comorbidities (9-14).
guideline (JAMA 2014;311:507-20), a sizable majority, 73%, had high baseline ASCVD risk levels, with predicted 10-year CVD rates of 7.
These include approximately 8-10 million patients with an inherited form of high LDL cholesterol known as heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia and those with clinical ASCVD, defined as a build-up of plaque in the arteries which can lead to reduced blood flow and a number of conditions including heart attack, stroke, chest pain (stable or unstable angina), transient ischemic attack, revascularization and peripheral artery disease.
Both the committee and Lilly believe longer treatment will allow appropriate testing of the ACCELERATE hypothesis: that evacetrapib added to statins can reduce MACE events compared to statins alone in patients with ASCVD.
Diabetes, aged 40-75 years with no clinical ASCVD and LDL levels of 70189 mg/dL.
One is an AMCP gold medal award winning study looking at incidence and claims cost of coronary heart disease (CHD) events, and the other analyzes statin therapy related to the intensity, adherence and number of statin tried among adults with ASCVD.