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Now that ASAM has released its recommendations, Waller says the hope is that several of those measures can become National Quality Forum (NQF) endorsed, and can then be rolled over to organizations like the Joint Commission.
David Mee-Lee, MD, a psychiatrist certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM), has led the development of The ASAM Criteria since the late 1980s.
Asam is permanently scarred and has lost the use of an arm.
The group receiving the PTP demonstrated a higher rate of retention in detox over those receiving the ASAM standard of care treatment, and a reduction in cravings over the 16 week Intensive Outpatient Therapy period.
The beauty of that is that ASAM is stimulating the whole behavioral healthcare IT industry to better serve the addiction treatment field," he says.
Ries, Editor & Chief, The ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine.
Bukit Asam is looking Ignite Energy for its technology that s able to turn coals into synthetic oil and coking coal, a material used in steel-making.
During the 10 years he has worked for the organisation, Gateshead born Asam has worked on projects in New York, Chicago and across Europe.
Following somewhat separate paths, ASAM and AAAP promoted recognition of addiction medicine and addiction psychiatry within organized medicine.
ASAM is the leading professional society representing addiction medicine physicians and associated professionals.
Modernization (renovation) and the restructuring from 1695 entstandenem Asam building in the old city of Freising by the administration, Asamtheater, the municipal museum and retail are currently housed.
I vividly recall how I felt 10 years ago when I first attended an ASAM meeting.