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A regionally popular term for a patient who is mildly confused, i.e., he/she ‘ain't quite right’
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AQR Capital Management is an investment-management firm with a span of products that include aggressive high-volatility market hedge funds to low-volatility benchmark-driven traditional funds.
Our AQR Funds business has grown to approximately $8 billion as of September 30, 2012, reflecting our expertise in the development of diversifying alternative investment strategies.
The AQR Insight Award prize money may be divided among as many as three competing entries depending on the quality of the submissions each year.
The AQR Insight Award is designed to encourage and honor academics who are impacting the world of investing.
After passing the AQR and stress test, ING has started the process for the repayment of the final tranche of core Tier 1 securities to the Dutch State.
Morgan reflects our confidence in their ability to support us across this multi-faceted and diverse set of assets and strategies," said David Kabiller, Founding Principal of AQR Capital Management, LLC, the investment adviser to AQR Funds.
While managed futures funds have struggled over the past few years, the team at AQR Managed Futures Strategy has performed relatively well despite strong headwinds.
The AQR rankings further illustrate that US Airways' focus on building a reliable airline is paying off.
The ECB s comprehensive assessment differs from previous EU-wide stress test exercises in that it comprises a thorough asset quality review and includes a join-up of the AQR and stress test outcomes.
Our 2010 ranking in the AQR provides further confirmation of the commitment each of our employees makes every day to serve our customers well by operating a safe, reliable, and convenient airline.
USAirways has consistently outscored American over the past five years in the AQR but the smaller partner will not have the heft to bring up the performance of the larger company during the inevitable clash of corporate cultures and technology, Bowen said.
Morgan Worldwide Securities Services (WSS) announced today that it has been selected by investment management firm AQR Capital Management, LLC (AQR), adviser to the AQR Funds, to provide a full suite of fund administration, prime-custody, and related securities services for the firm's mutual funds with more than $2 billion in assets.