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A regionally popular term for a patient who is mildly confused, i.e., he/she ‘ain't quite right’
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David Kabiller, Founding Principal, AQR commented: "We were drawn to creating a premier academic venue that would foster thought leadership and promote excellence in asset management.
the impact of the AQR could lead to a meaningful deterioration of
In contrast to the EBA's stress test (which remains a top-down approach), the granular AQR in 2014, as anticipated by some senior officials, will be bottom- up.
But these days, the shop he helped found in August 1988, AQR (for Applied Quantitative Investing) Capital Management, based in hedge fund's downtown, Greenwich, Connecticut, has entered the mutual fund world.
Following AirTran in the top five for the AQR were JetBlue, Southwest, Northwest and Frontier.
Teenagers preparing for GCSEs were asked to complete a personality quiz developed by Welsh company AQR along with Dr Peter Clough, head of psychology at Hull University.
Definitely, says Doug Strycharczyk of Cheshire company AQR, which claims stress isn't the problem; it's the way different people approach it.
Definitely, says Doug Strycharczyk of specialist company AQR, which claims stress isn't the problem; it's the way different people approach it.
Cushman & Wakefield announced that AQR Capital Management signed a long-term lease for 65,000 s/f at 33 Benedict Place, a 126,810 s/f Class-A office building in Greenwich, Conn.
Our data is mission critical, so we had to assure that there is not a single point of failure in our network," states Jerry Levine, vice president and head of IT for AQR.
And only 64 percent of departures were on time last December, according to the AQR report.
AQR Capital Management, LLC, ("AQR") announced today the introduction of two mutual funds, AQR Risk Parity II MV Fund (Class I/QRMIX) and AQR Risk Parity II HV Fund (Class I/QRHIX), which begin operation on November 5, 2012, and will be distributed through financial advisors only.