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He bounced around a lot, from job to job, not really knowing where he was going, but upon accessing APASS as a CCSF student, he felt that he was part of a community and became more centered and grounded.
APASS is a particular draw for students who are struggling with the English language.
What I like about APASS is that they have a different way of teaching English," says McClain.
APASS has bilingual counselors and tutors who are able to help ESL students directly with everything from vocabulary building to essay writing.
The Southern Hemisphere APASS system is at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO) in Chile, where Dan Reichart (University of North Carolina) is loaning us an empty dome and spare Paramount ME.
Communications between them keeps both imaging systems in lockstep so that APASS doesn't move to its next field until all five exposures are completed.
Each night, APASS acquires about 16 gigabytes of images.