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The AP-4 license was advanced by APML to cover lands surrounding the historic Bawdwin zinc-lead-silver mine -- one of the largest producers of these metals in the world during its period of peak output when built and operated by British interests at the turn of the 20th century.
The AP-4 license covers 649 square kilometers northwest of the town of Namtu, Shan State -- itself located approximately 40 kilometers northwest of the major regional center and airport at the city of Lashio.
The finalization of the AP-4 license marks the culmination of years of cooperation between Asia Pacific Mining Limited, Myanmar's Ministry of Mines and the Department of Geological Survey & Mineral Exploration," said Andrew Mooney, Chief Executive Officer of APML.
Approval of APML's AP-4 license application was granted today by the Myanmar Ministry of Mines, represented by the Department of Geological Survey & Mineral Exploration, constituting the final step in approval and finalization.
The AP-4 license area covers ground stretching from the Bawdwin mine to historic underground workings in the northerly Mohochaung area, where past production of zinc, lead and silver has been widely reported.
The Company now plans to begin fieldwork at AP-4 on October 9.
Initial fieldwork at AP-4 will consist of field mapping, sampling and geochemical surveys aimed at better defining drill targets for subsequent testing.
At the same time as APML is advancing the AP-4 project, the Company is also moving forward with exploration license applications for copper-gold porphyry targets in Sagaing Division, central Myanmar (applications AP-8, AP-9 and AP-10).