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Sony Mobile is currently testing the beta version of Android Open Source Project or AOSP Android 5.
We know there's probably a few of you itching to get AOSP 5.
0 Lollipop AOSP experimental build for Sony Xperia L does not support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, GPS and Radio Interface Layer, or RIL, which controls radio hardware for modem support and telephony services.
0 AOSP firmware, but anyone who installed the software are encouraged to submit feedback with logs included.
No features or specifications have been exposed from the AOSP Web site.
The 2010 forecast takes into account a planned turnaround at the existing AOSP mine and upgrader facilities beginning late in the first quarter of this year and continuing into the second quarter.
In the second quarter, the operator of AOSP offered three additional leases to the joint venture partners as a life-of-mine extension for the Muskeg River mine.
The AOSP partners are currently working with the government on a letter of intent, after which a funding agreement will be negotiated.