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While it's tough to find anyone that's not fond of the 150/152 ("The J3 of our generation," says AOPA president Mark Baker), let's put emotion aside.
As AOPA advocates for general aviation and works to protect airports across the country, we frequently see airports threatened with operational restrictions or closure, most often due to surrounding incompatible land use.
GA resurgence continuing at Reno-Tahoe Policies supportive of general aviation are continuing to re-emerge at Nevada's Reno-Tahoe International Airport, and advocacy efforts by pilots helped make it happen, AOPA said.
AOPA president Phil Boyer takes the view that the proposal would be a "disaster" for consumers and general aviation pilots.
AOPA has continued to cooperate with organizations including the Colorado General Aviation Alliance, Colorado Pilots Association, the Colorado Airport Operators Association, and the Colorado Division of Aeronautics to maintain the state s excellent airport grant program.
Having AOPA step into the business will not benefit its members or the aircraft finance business.
AOPA board of trustees chairman Bill Trimble stated: "Mark brings 35 years of involvement in the GA community as a pilot and decades of experience in leadership positions in the home improvement industry.
FlyQ EFB evolved from the AOPA member-freebie FlyQ flight planning resource for desktop and smartphones.
AOPA plans to distribute Airport Watch materials to 5,400 airports, pilot groups and individual pilots, reported Reuters.
AOPA requested a meeting with the FAA to propose a TFR that would put Lantana in an airspace cutout, but no date was set.
After the FAA failed to act on a 2012 petition from AOPA and EAA, the two organizations began working with interested members of Congress to develop appropriate legislation.
The new president, Mark Baker, is in no way related to the colorful former AOPA President John Baker.