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Dating back to its earliest incarnation, as a gaming service called Control Video Corporation, AOL has fancied itself a populist enterprise unconcerned with geekdom's cyber-libertarian ideals.
AOL will also feature exclusive columns by Jason Whitlock, Ira Miller, Sean Jensen and Jim Armstrong, who will cover off-beat stories from Miami.
In addition, a number of newsmaking and newsbreaking videos such as Weird Al Yankovic's "White and Nerdy" rap parody and Michael Richards' infamous comedy club performance experienced significant activity on AOL Video Search, creating an online buzz that spilled over into mainstream media.
AOL surveyed thousands of Internet users - including those who've used AOL software and those who haven't - about the OpenRide concept and prototype, and conducted in-home field testing with hundreds of households to test the product prior to its initial release.
Among the features of the free AOL Parental Controls service:
In the short term, nothing will change for AOL customers (all DSL customers are in fact already connected to Neuf Cegetel's network), who will continue to enjoy their current Internet access plans and portal services.
Ted has a remarkable biography at AOL and his imprint is felt everywhere here.
Video game sites have become a valuable resource for advertisers wishing to reach the young male audience, and GameDaily is a brand that resonates with these highly sought after consumers," said Ralph Rivera, Vice President and General Manager, AOL Games.
Among the features that will be available with the free AOL My eAddress service:
Through growing AOL's already substantial audience - as well as its advertising inventory - AOL will continue to build its extensive advertising capabilities.
AOL Pictures is a leading online service which provides a comprehensive digital photo solution for consumers who want an easy way to store, organize, share, print and protect all of their favorite images.
In a related announcement, AOL today debuted MapQuest's new Web-enabled service making it easier for consumers to access MapQuest.