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While the titles of AILD and AA contain an implication of elegy, the title of RN refers explicitly to a particular Christian form of elegy--the Requiem, the Mass of the Dead in the Roman Catholic rites, which is a poetic mourning not only over private and public loss, as in the earlier novels, but extending to a loss that has moral and religious weight.
The performative aspect I have tried to foreground in these novels is further accentuated by the many allusions to different forms of art, and by the great attention given to the building of the different edifices, the coffin, even the tombstones, but even more so by the carnivalistic aspect of AILD, by Faulkner's insistence on telling the Sutpen story as drama (in AA), and, most openly so by the theatrical play he stages in RN.
The proposition seems fair considering the way AILD has to frequently confront situations that don't conform to the band members' worldview.
The title of AILD relates to the manner of Agamemnon's death in The Odyssey, but Fowler proposes that Faulkner chose it not only because Agamemnon's speech stresses the indignity of death, but also because the line "evokes matricide and a mother's revenge.
Connects the Demeter-Persephone myth to aspects of the mother/daughter relationship and the perpetuation of female generations in SF, AILD, H, T, and M.
Citing evidence from AA, AILD, FD, MOS and WP, Johnson notes that Faulkner wanted to claim art as a masculine preserve, yet, in order to suggest the simultaneous activity and passivity of artistic creation, he confused and conflated traditional male and female sex roles.
The discussion utilizes examples from LA, SF, AILD, AA, GDM, and FD.
Despite the desirability of masculinity, the men in AILD exhibit traits that hinder their true achievement of socially structured manhood.
Although the nongendered characteristics of the Bundrens in AILD suggest that the boundaries between masculinity and femininity are not distinct, Darl's language and behavior threaten to expose the instability and indistinctness of the gender binary, thus disrupting the ideological and economic basis of Southern masculinity and power.