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While the clawback initiative had support from ACSI, the AICD and the Business Council of Australia grew even more concerned.
The AICD strongly opposed the clawback provisions, arguing that they were totally unwarranted and that they would result in increased red tape and compliance costs.
Aortic dissection should be recognized as a possible complication of multiple AICD shocks.
Till date, nearly 10,000 FloSure AICD valves have been installed across the globe in light and heavy oil wells, ensuring uniform production longevity and raising production rates by around 50% in comparison to passive inflow control technology.
Gillian King, Tendeka s Vice President of APAC, said, We are delighted to have been awarded this contract, our first AICD technology in Malaysia.
Within 9 months, our customers have seen a complete transformation of Guidant's AICD product line including the speed and performance of the ZOOM(TM) Programming System and the reliability of the recently approved ENDOTAK(R) RELIANCE(TM) defibrillation lead.
The PRIZM 2 device provides physicians with a small, thin physiologic shape specifically designed for patient comfort, unmatched device longevity for cost effective AICD therapy, and many new ease-of-use features for saving clinician's time at implant and office follow-ups.
As Tendeka's strategic partner for the AICD product in China, we focus on completion and rebuilding well technology in oil field services.
The FloSureTM AICDs are run as part of the open hole completions in horizontal wells and have been designed to control gas production in low to medium viscosity oil wells, and for water control in heavy oil wells.
According to AICD, Congo needs to spend USD 946 million per year between 2005 and 2015 to upgrade its infrastructure, compared to the USD 692 million spent annually over the last five years.
Finally, we anticipate the near-term approval of Guidant's VENTAK PRIZM dual chambered AICD system.
market release of the VENTAK(R) AV(TM) III DR AICD Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator system.