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Having opened an office in Calgary, AIC has now positioned itself to provide input in Canadian projects as well.
AIC has become the favored supplier of many business partners due to its excellent customer service and support, which has fostered long term relationships with many business partners.
The AIC theater group will present a short play, a celebration and study of alumni commitment to the college.
Although based in Lebanon, AIC s operations are well diversified throughout the Middle East region, with less than one-fifth of the company s business revenue derived from its home country.
Storage must allow the provisioning of capacity and/or performance easily, and at a small incremental cost regardless of how large the demand for bandwidth becomes," said Gene Lee, senior vice president, AIC.
8221; He said, “We wanted to be sure the appointments would be a mutually beneficial partnership for both the agency and AIC.
As a leader and innovative provider of solutions that help customers create, manage and share their data and digital assets more effectively, AIC's selection of our FastStream controller for the Xtore StudioRAID 16RXe provides AIC with an advanced RAID solution for real-time applications which require managed latency.
AIC has some concentration in the motor business, which accounts for nearly half of the company s gross premium income, though this is common throughout the region.
Allen joins the AIC marketing team with two years underwriting experience at Appalachian Underwriters, Inc.
The industry's first Avid Certified local storage, the AIC Xtore[TM] Studio series offers affordable professional-grade storage specifically optimized for content creators in film, video, audio, broadcast and animation.
Farid Lian, AIC Senior Vice President for Research and Business Development said, "Perhaps the main achievement of AIC research team, has been the development of a fully automated system which, when activated, would autonomously update itself to capture developments in total performance constituents, detect and indicate the listing of new shares, and recalibrate itself accordingly, so as to return the updated beta coefficient for each of the market's twelve sectors at any point in time.
From July 12 through October 12, 2011, AIC will be rapidly assembling a limited number of independent agents who demonstrate a commitment to commercial lines with integrity and proven profitability.