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Based upon positive testing results, the company has removed the temporary hold on all sizes of the AFX Endovascular AAA System and some sizes of the AFX2 Endovascular AAA System, which will allow these products to be shipped to customers and used in procedures, effective immediately.
Lee et al (10) reported nonspecific sonographic features of a subungual AFX consisting of a heterogeneous, hypoechoic lesion with partial posterior acoustic enhancement and increased central and peripheral vascularity.
Under the terms of the agreement, Japan Lifeline plans to introduce Endologix's AFX system in the Japanese market in the Q1 2016.
Insurers desiring to take advantage of the interface should contact AFX Research directly.
AFX quoted the author of the Datamonitor report as saying, "The UK is an increasingly difficult place to do business due to the highly indebted nature of the population.
AFX News provides international economic news coverage to professionals and private investor communities, including professional traders, trading floors, corporate financiers, analysts, private bankers and financial advisors, in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.
According to AFX, the "GoGas" stations will include facilities for installing NGV conversion kits, compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling equipment, a showroom for NGVs and a training center for mechanics.
AFX News reported last week that a General Motors Corporation (GM) spokesperson has revealed that the automaker expects to begin offering commercial fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) sometime between 2010 and 2015.
AFX News reported last week that officials at Chinese automaker Geely Automotive Holding, Ltd.
This is one of the conclusions of recent research summarized in a December 12, 2005 AFX dispatch from Beijing via Forbes (New York).
Multipoker is a leading online poker company in Scandinavia with more than 255,000 registered players, reported AFX News Limited.
Alcatel said that it will supply its Evolium line of base stations and related services software for both expansion projects, reports AFX.