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Going beyond the CLTM, we in AFMC have established four guiding principles to keep us focused as we seek to embrace the culture change that will be needed to get to auditable and "clean" financial statements through FIAR.
Although passing SB1242 in the Arizona Legislature has been a tedious and close to unattainable goal for about the past 5 years, AFMC have turned their campaign strategy to include video marketing, a job they sought suited for D-Mak Productions because of their creative approach and experience in result driven video marketing.
In July 2010, the IRS concluded that taxpayers who had claimed the AFMC could repay any amounts received under that credit and file for the CBPC.
Acquisition and sustainment, which includes maintenance, are the AFMC pieces of the nuclear enterprise," General Hoffman said.
Above all, we have to recapture excellence in the support AFMC provides the Air Force nuclear enterprise.
Local media sniffed out the story, and AFMC found itself responding to demands for information and internal and external calls for change.
At Headquarters AFMC, my staff identified several processes as prime candidates for a "quick win"--processes that we could immediately improve by utilizing and applying AFSO21 tools.
AFMC is also actively participating in establishing Department of Defense-level commodity councils for bearings and microelectronics.
AFMC provides transitional support to both the battlelabs and AFRL, to further expedite fielding of successful initiatives.
MTC's role in helping AFMC develop an integrated approach to meet DoD's transformation expectations will be to assist in formulating a strategy to achieve the Commander's intent of inculcating an Air and Space Expeditionary Forces (AEF) mindset and culture that will rapidly deliver war-winning capability.
EMI Health, which recently expanded into Arizona, selected AFMC in part because of its proven record and reputation as the state's largest, statewide independent healthcare network.