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In response, medical device manufacturers are racing toward the Holy Grail--development of new cardiac monitor technologies that meet the unmet needs of the patient population with Afib and clinicians who treat them.
I probably see one or two new patients with AFib per week, and I see it equally in men and women.
We're confident this tool will enable physicians to have more effective conversations with their AFib patients about increased stroke risk and treatment options.
AFib can also increase the risk of stroke fivefold and is estimated to be responsible for 88,000 deaths and $16 billion in additional costs to the U.
David's Medical Center, is an expert in the study of the role of the LAA in the triggering and maintenance of AFib.
At a time when the EU is focusing on deploying innovative solutions for active and healthy ageing for Europeans, ensuring effective treatment for conditions like AFib could help both current and future generations to enjoy more active and productive lives.
A Guide for the Quality Improvement Professional and Health System Leadership" is a compendium of information and tools to create awareness of the impact of poor management of Afib within health systems and empower leadership to take necessary action to improve the quality of care provided to the Afib patient population.
org founder Mellanie True Hills, an afib survivor who on September 13 celebrated a decade of being afib free.
Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of drug refractory recurrent symptomatic paroxysmal AFib when used with Carto(R) Navigation Systems.
Shannon Dickson, editor for "The afib Report," received the patient ambassador award.
Biosense Webster also holds the unique and enviable position of being the only company in the entire field of Electrophysiology with an FDA approved catheter for Atrial Fibrillation, or AFib as it is more commonly known as.