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Juggling the hot potatoes of the 1980s--old growth and below-cost timber sales--Sampson consciously positioned AFA as an independent voice.
Sure, AFA led the charge for creating our National Forests and provided the first and longest forum for conservation's leading lights-names like Dr.
AFA was almost the lone advocate of a legislative approach that we felt needed a far more widespread airing than it would otherwise receive.
Today, in cooperation with The Classic Tree Nursery (see "The Seed Gatherers" on page 39), AFA is ready to break ground for the first two Historic Forests, one in the North and one in the South.
The National Mediation Board's elections opened on December 16, 2014 and closed on January 8, 2015, with Silver Airways Flight Attendants casting an overwhelming number of votes in support of joining AFA.
What is perhaps most interesting about a bequest to AFA is that-like a tree-the gift becomes a living thing, a way of continuing support for the good things that AFA does far into the future.
Memory Screening: Who Attends and Why was conducted on AFA's National Memory Screening Day in November 2005 by AFA, the MetLife Mature Market Institute and The Center for Productive Aging at Towson University.
KCM was first available to Pilots in 2011 and after AFA advocacy, led to Flight Attendant inclusion in the program in 2012.
The policy position being followed by AFA is one in which there are few absolutes.
Nelson commented on the rich history of AFA member US Airways Flight Attendants, and what their achievements have meant for the airline and the Flight Attendant profession on the whole:
Although the program has been lauded as positive by many educators, it came under immediate fire from the AFA, which insisted that the event was a manifestation of the "gay agenda.
Hall, AFA's president and CEO, said the increasing incidence of the disease worldwide - expected to quadruple by 2050 - warrants further awareness-raising on a global level, similar to the national advocacy efforts that AFA has been advancing in the United States.