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AD2 Gaytan, who was positioned between the trainee and the prop, firmly grabbed the trainee, preventing him from going forward into the prop, while AE3 Gamez pulled the back of the trainee's float coat to stop the forward momentum of both the trainee and AD2 Gaytan into the aircraft's moving propeller.
1) In their letter to the editor regarding our article, Yeh and Miller reported their experience with AE1 and AE3 antibodies in sentinel lymph nodes from breast cancer patients.
Yeh and Miller have shown in their communication that AE3 is more sensitive than AE1/AE3 in detecting certain type II keratins, such as keratin 8, which is commonly expressed by fibroblastic-type reticulum cells, a phenomenon similar to our findings between AE1/AE3 and pancytokeratin or CAM5.
Since the incident, the AE3 has educated the squadron on electrical safety, ORM, and the importance of strict adherence to maintenance procedures.
Microvision's demonstration at AE3 is the result of the company's proposal to the Army to display working prototypes of the VRD in various military application scenarios.
AE3 Stephen Bell, assigned to the "Kestrels" of VFA-137, performs maintenance on the engine bay of an FA-18E Super Hornet aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72).
An AE3 needed to do his 90-day currency, so he was designated as the move director.
The AT2, AE3 and I then met in the flight station to discuss our communication dilemma.
The pace was slow that first evening: I went down to the hangar bay with an AE3 to work on some up gripes, including one on a cockpit light.