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In order to compare changes over time for MMSE, ADAS-Cog, and ADL scores between the two patient groups: those receiving ChEIs alone and those treated by the combination ChEIs and Gb, linear mixed effect models with random intercept and random slope were used to take into account the heterogeneity of baseline scores and individual slopes over time.
Because often greater than three-fourths of the participants with mild Alzheirner's disease in the ADNI study scored either 0 or 1 on the majority of ADAS-Cog components, Dr.
Researchers found that maintenance or improvement in memory and intellectual functioning as measured on the ADAS-Cog Scale correlated with practical benefits for patients and their caregivers.
SMMT sonuclarina gore kesme degerinin altinda kalarak bilissel bozukluk tanisi alan hasta sayisi 7 (%14) iken, ADAS-cog test sonucuna gore etkilenme orani %44 olarak saptanmistir.
To further investigate pharmacogenomic responses of AC-1202 in AD, the effects of APOE4 carriage status and a polymorphism (IDE_7) in the insulin degrading enzyme gene (IDE) on ADAS-Cog scores were evaluated over the study course.
After 18 months, the mean placebo decline rates were 6 points on the ADAS-cog, 11 points on the ADAS-ADL, and 2.
Therefore the following comparative assessment of efficacy concentrates on the changes in ADAS-Cog scores in the studies.
ADAS-cog and ADCS-ADL have each been used as endpoints to obtain regulatory approval of currently-marketed Alzheimer's disease treatments.
Secondary endpoints included the change from baseline on a 13-item version of the ADAS-Cog, the Mini Mental State Examination, the Clinician's Interview-Based Impression of Change, the Neuropsychiatric Inventory, and the Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study-Activities of Daily Living (ADCS-ADL).
Patients who completed a full 18 months of dimebon continued to show benefit on ADAS-cog and measures of behavioral and psychiatric symptoms.