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Advanced Breast Biopsy Instrument (ABBI)

Uses a rotating circular knife and thin heated electrical wire to remove a large cylinder of abnormal breast tissue.
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As a result Abbi will forfeit all prizes and prize money won at the vent, and incur a fine of PS500 and costs of PS750.
I could see that Abbi possessed that quality immediately.
Conversations between protagonists Will and Abbi don't feel realistic from the perspective of a modern day teenager or a teenager from 1927, jarring the reader out of the story instead of drawing them deeper into it.
Abbi was just five when her mum first started receiving treatment for bowel cancer.
This event just makes you know how much Abbi meant to their lives.
Abbi wore his Sitara-e-Jurrat with pride but also with tremendous humility, in memory of his lost air comrades.
Abbi, who moved up with the club from their Acton training base over the summer, is planning a few surprises.
When Evie was born, in April, 2013, at the Women's Hospital, she was a healthy baby but at eight months she contracted bronchiolitis RSV and Abbi had to take her to Alder Hey.
Abbi Pulling on her way to an eight-second victory in the Junior KTM class
It is the brainchild of Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, who share the same first names as their characters (at least there will be no live EastEnders name mix-ups here).
TONIGHT Abbi and her family will appear on a BBC Lifeline appeal, alongside Question of Sport presenter Sue Barker.
His heart hidden behind the walls he's built since then, Kane is now just the dark figure who rules over the fantasies of others but has none himself, until he meets Abbi Linde.