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Hazem will lead the Amadeus Airline Business Group team in Saudi Arabia , Kuwait , Yemen , Syria , Egypt and Libya on distribution matters and will become the Amadeus interface with the AACO organisation.
AACO is striving to gain confidence of Nissan, as the matter of appointing it is still being negotiated.
His commercial drive, cultural and regional knowledge and extensive AACO, Amadeus Commercial Organisations, Airline and Multinationals experience will add substantial value to the AACO Project", commented Sari Vahakoski, Director Markets, Middle East and Africa & Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, at Amadeus.
The company will provide training and coursework to AACO member airlines executives and staffs so that they can benefit from post-purchase revenue management that is, the ability to further satisfy customers unmet desires, in a way that pleases them and is profitable for the airline, after their basic travel booking needs have been met.
Abdul Wahab Teffaha, Secretary General of AACO, commented: "Aviation security has become a foremost priority, equal in its importance to safety.
He said the AACO has been calling for establishment of an Arab European regulatory aviation framework parallel to the Euro-Mediterranean arrangement, in order to achieve a declaration of principles which will guide Arab countries and the European Union in developing their aviation relations.
AACO said Oman Air will be "operating its widebody aircraft" on the latter two routes.
Through a generous grant from the AIDS Activities Coordinating Office, AACO, we, along with Action AIDS, Youth Health Empowerment Project, and The Weightman Group, can effectively communicate directly to those people who are at the most risk," she said.
According to Abdul Wahab Teffaha, Secretary-General of the AACO, The young demographic structure and the ratio of passengers to population pave the way for development of a travel market which should reach 400 million passengers by the end of the decade from the 130 million passengers expected in 2011.
AACO said Bahrain and Oman "have agreed to form a joint committee to assess the airline's assets and to appoint auditors and technicians for this purpose, a process expected to be finalized within six months.
That was the message from James Hogan, Chief Executive Officer of Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, as he welcomed 300 delegates from across the region to the 44th AACO annual general meeting (AGM) in Abu Dhabi.
Cargo traffic, expressed in RTKs, on AACO member carriers is expected to increase 13.