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AACC annual meeting attendees will have the opportunity to donate blood samples onsite that will be studied in a groundbreaking scientific initiative to improve testing for heart attacks.
To publicize these standards, AACC is seeking proposals to fund:
We are so proud to receive this award from ASAE," said AACC CEO Janet B.
AACC encourages laboratory medicine professionals to continue to work with clinicians to develop novel tests that identify the most effective treatments for patients, and urges the Food and Drug Administration to craft regulations that promote this innovation.
In recognition of these leading health communication initiatives, AACC received the Hermes Creative Awards' highest honor, the Platinum Award, in the "Electronic Media E-Communication -- E-Newsletter" category for the March 5, 2015 issue of CLN Stat.
He has served on the AACC Awards Committee, the Committee for Science, the Archives Committee, and two National Meeting Committees; he has also served as a Director, as National Secretary, and in 1988, as AACC President.
A list of countries that qualify for this member category and a full listing of CDE member benefits are available on AACC International's website.
At the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC), which took place in October, AACC honored several individuals.
The AACC exposition will allow Chembio to develop other possible product development and licensing opportunities for DPP outside these core areas.
9, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- AACC is pleased to announce that Michael J.
AACC, ACB, and NVKC present the Third Annual Laboratory Automation: Advanced Tools for Improving the Practice of Medicine, March 16-17, 2006, at the Okura Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Members of the American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC) have voted in favour to change the association's name to AACC International.