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A gene on chromosome 21q21.3 that encodes a cell surface receptor and transmembrane precursor protein which is cleaved by secretases to form various peptides.

Molecular pathology
APP mutations are implicated in autosomal dominant Alzheimer’s disease and cerebroarterial amyloidosis (cerebral amyloid angiopathy).


Amyloid β peptide
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Again, your review must be written in double spacing on one side of A4 paper with your name, address and phone number.
It would be very interesting to learn the number of monoglot Welsh speakers in the Cardiff council area; and how many sheets of A4 paper are used annually to supply ALL residents with bilingual correspondence.
These are but three ticks on an incredibly long list of obsessive-compulsive tasks he set for himself early on, and such works were often installed in what seemed a send-up of Conceptual art formats: cheap booklets, sweeps of A4 paper and snapshots gridded on the wall.
Submissions may be accompanied by a written report of a maximum of 500 words on A4 paper.
5 x 11 inch and A4 paper sizes, the BPRF is also capable of supporting paper sizes up to 11 x 17 inches.
Despite Peter's optimism and the fact that all the prosecution evidence was read off one piece of A4 paper, there's a real possibility he could be keeping Jim McDonald company a while longer.
They use ordinary letter or A4 paper, including used paper, as the build material.
A PUBLICAN criticised "heavy-handed" officials for taking her to court for having hand-written no-smoking signs on A4 paper.
Research by the National Audit Office found trusts bought 21 different types of A4 paper, 652 types of medical gloves and 1,751 different cannula tubes.
He is alleged to have made 40 to 50 passes on his home computer on A4 paper, cutting them to size and inserting them in a laminated wallet.
It takes 40 sheets of A4 paper to create one roll of toilet paper.
The 204-page work, on quality A4 paper, is a major work by renowned author Malcolm Handley and is published by Tallis Associates.