A point

A point

The most posterior delimit on the cephalometric profile between the nasal spine and the maxillary incisors.
[Fr., fr. L. punctum, fr. pungo, pp. punctum, to pierce]

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Q. is depression is a diseases that can appear in any point in life?

A. I am not a doctor but I don't think depression is classified as a disease. It is more of a disorder. Lots of different things can trigger it. It can vary widely, from a one-off occurrence to a lifelong disorder with recurrent episodes. I suppose I have the latter since I have been on medication for it for over a decade. I would say for sure that if diagnosed by a doctor it can be treated with medication. Medication is definitely a good thing because it works to right the chemical imbalance that occurs. A doctor can increase the dosage of the medication as needed on a case by case basis.
It usually does NOT mean that you are crazy or anything like that. Its got to be very severe before anyone would have to be hospitalized for it. "Hospitalization may be necessary in cases associated with self-neglect or a significant risk of suicide". References indicate that Electro-convulsive Therapy is used in severe cases usually only as a LAST resort.

Q. when would i know to stop with my diet? diet is good till a certain point , from this point being on a diet isn't healthy ... how would i know i have reached this point ?

A. a BMI check will help you see if you are in the right weight for your hight and age:

if you do your diet combined with physical activity it should bring you to a balanced weight and not to go any further.

Q. what defining characteristics can i point out to her to show her that she is bipolar and must see a doctor? I have a very close friend who is with me for the past 25 yrs. We share everything about us frankly whether it is good or bad. So far we didn’t hide each other about the happenings around us. But for the past one month I suspect my friend is bipolar but she refuses to visit a doctor. What defining characteristics can I point out to her to show her that she is bipolar and must see a doctor? I don’t want to hurt her at any cost. I never ever do it. So please help.

A. You have reminded me about my friend who was with me before but lost her somewhere now. I can really feel how much you find hard to reveal her about her illness. It's very hard to get someone who is Bipolar to actually admit it and then even harder still to get them to commit to treatment because they enjoy their highs so much. You have to get her when she is in a depressive state as that is when they are most willing and receptive to treatment.

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Annan Ex will be pleased with their home whitewash victory against Locharbriggs C whilst Albert B will consider their draw at Sands Auto a point dropped.
An important fourth frame victory yielded a point for his team after teammate Andy Finnie, another newcomer, picked up the opening frame against Locharbriggs D.
They moved a point closer to the leaders following a 3-0 full house against Guidepost.
To really get to the heart of why the A's still haven't gotten into San Jose, you have to look back to a point where they originally controlled that territory.
However, Coventry Colliery's Brenda Downing is throwing down the main challenge a point adrift although she had to grit her teeth to overcome Wagon A's Margaret Jackson 21-20 last Thursday.
They must reach a point total - 2,400 points or a B-minus - based on classwork done to graduate and be eligible for promotion.
2 The welfare of country A will decrease after the customs union if country U's offer curve OU intersects OA at a point lying between E[prime] and F (the intersection point between OA and I).
Says Sciutto: "They asked a lot of questions after the tour; they were always calling to clarify a point and ask for additional information.
If the district keeps the current practice of giving valedictorian to the top GPA, which now could be decided by a hundredth of a point, a district staff report said, ``The pressure and uncertainty of this system may result in student and parent decisions that promote short-term attainment of valedictorian status with less regard to long-term educational needs.