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When a user roams from one AP to another, fresh encryption keys must be renegotiated according to the 802.
Devices that pass all Wi-Fi Alliance([R]) tests for 802.
This announcement demonstrates clear leadership and commitment to interoperable standards by Aruba in a security-conscious market segment that is being closely watched by enterprise customers as they evaluate and plan 802.
While we, like other wireless vendors, make use of standard off-the-shelf radio components, we leave a large portion of their capabilities disabled in the access point," said Merwyn Andrade, CTO of Aruba Wireless Networks and contributor to the IEEE 802.
In a mixed environment, access points will typically use a lowest-common-denominator cipher as the group cipher, such as wired equivalent privacy or temporal key integrity protocol, to allow both 802.
WPA2 is the next generation of Wi-Fi security, based on the final 802.
There is a potential downside to the more secure WLAN provided by 802.
a leading developer of software and hardware solution for the communications industry, announces the availability of an 802.
1X user-based authentication, and support for WPA, the up coming 802.
This includes those groups that have been waiting for 802.
The WPA is an enhancement of the Wireless Equivalent Privacy (WEP) protocol developed in 1997 and a further step towards the full security promised by the IEEE 802.