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or the incorporation of 15N labelled amino acids into proteins for 3-dimensional and 4-dimensional NMR studies.
For ErgoSmart[TM], Tech Center scientists were able to create a 4-dimensional sleep system that moves with the body no matter what position and its unique design reduces sheer force.
Advances in fetal and neonatal Magnetic Resonance Imaging now allow us to undertake The Developing Human Connectome Project (dHCP) which will make major scientific progress by: creating the first 4-dimensional connectome of early life; and undertake pioneer studies into normal and abnormal development.
Predicated on Lockheed Martin's internally developed DIAMONDShield air & missile defense system, Dragon Dome links data from ISR, command & control, and missile defense assets to create a 4-dimensional view of the battlespace.
The suite includes lobular decomposition, an analysis and segmentation tool that allows users to select the volume of interest, the trees related to it, and to partition the volume into lobes or territories; volumetric histogram, which supports analysis of a given volume of interest to research into disease processes; motion analytics, providing a 2-dimensional representation of a 4-dimensional process.
0] of its symmetry-partner particle, object or observer in the proper Euclidean 3-space [SIGMA]' to have a 4-dimensional particle, object or observer of rest mass ([m.
Index of 4-dimensional Lie algebras: We make the computation for [G.
The outer product of the two 4-dimensional space-times yields an 8-dimensional space-time R(16), including 8 pseudo-vectors with the SU(3) symmetry of the strong force.
More interesting is the 4-dimensional SALT-MINE die illustrated in the diagram of a hypercube:
Pre-publicity for a program that features 4-Dimensional ultrasound imaging that "allows us to take an in-depth look into a mysterious world inside the womb, and chart unprecedented details throughout the stages of pregnancy"
Every point in the traditional, apparently 4-dimensional universe is then a tiny, multidimensional volume.
The navigation system uses electromagnetic localization and 4-dimensional (x, y, z time) registration to display an interventional instrument, such as a biopsy needle, or an ablation needle, on a computer monitor with respect to anatomic imaging and treatment planning.