computer-aided design

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computer-aided design (CAD),

n the use of computers to assist a draftsman, architect, or artist in the creation of drawing, illustration, or other visual art. Along with this is computer-assisted design/computer-assisted manufacturer (CAD-CAM).
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The analysts forecast the global 3D CAD market to grow at a CAGR of 6.
In order to quickly develop competitive products and rapidly bring them to market, companies in industries such as manufacturing need to shorten product design time by reusing existing 3D CAD models which incorporate prior design know-how, rather than designing models from the ground up.
Customer will see a true representation of the product and be able to download 3D CAD models, reducing their design time; and
Easy and effective geometry simplification features, coupled with powerful automation capabilities, make Anark Core the most cost-effective platform for preparing 3D CAD models for a wide array of military and civilian modeling, visualization, and simulation applications.
According to the report, the increasing outsourcing of engineering design to the APAC region is one of the major drivers for the 3D CAD Software market in the APAC region.
The global 3D CAD market can be segmented into five end-user segments: aerospace and defense industry, automotive industry, electrical and electronics industry, industrial machinery industry, and others.
The extra functionality provided via the new RS 3D CAD microsite enables users to search for the 3D CAD models by product category and by manufacturer, and incorporates a model viewer function, making it significantly easier and quicker for engineers to locate, view and download the appropriate model required for their design from a vast selection of components, including connectors, relays, switches and semiconductors.
92% of those with 3D CAD experience come from history-based 3D CAD systems (excludes existing CoCreate 3D CAD users).
CoCreate developed Dynamic Modeling, a non-parametric 3D CAD format.
Instead, using Right Hemisphere's Deep Server software solution allows a highly automated method of repurposing the Comanche 3D CAD data and integrating it directly into the courseware for training and maintenance purposes.