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Using ANOVA to analyze scores of members who have been there for different times in different dimensions and the result shows that there are no significant differences in the scores of 16PF or 15FQ in each dimension.
In our previous research, variables such as treatment, HB score on day 1, and Vigilance and Tension scores in 16PF may influence the value of HB score at month 6.
overall, positive item totals, and negative item totals) and 16PF Sten scores can be found in Table 1.
In one of his studies, he administered the 16PF to 630 full-time music students in Britain to determine if there were any personality differences between players of different instruments.
Paralelamente, se han confirmado ciertas relaciones con otros constructos como los valores y modelos de personalidad como el del 16PF, que es preciso matizar.
Table Showing Low, Average and High scores on different Personality Factors measured through 16PF of Men (n=50) and Women (n=30) prison inmates.
Inteligencia emocional e desempenho no trabalho: um estudo com MSCEIT, BPR-5 e 16PF.
Teacher scores on each of the 16 primary factors measured on the 16PF (personal factor) personality scale were regressed on their principals' effectiveness ratings.
For example, the insights gained from such assessments as the 16PF Assessment[R], Myers-Briggs Type Indicator[R] the DISC[R] and many other similar instruments will give you, in broad strokes, insights about yourself that you can explore in more depth by asking others about their perceptions of you.
Este hallazgo se asemeja a los de otro estudio realizado en Colombia con mujeres maltratadas de la ciudad de Bucaramanga, por Fajardo y otros (27), en el que se aplico la prueba de personalidad 16PF para obtener medidas independientes de varios factores psicologicos.