Symbol for carbon 11.

carbon-11 (11C)

a radioisotope of carbon with a half-life of 20 minutes. It is produced by a cyclotron and emits positrons. Compare carbon-14.


A positron-emiting radioisotope of carbon, which is produced in a cyclotron, has a T1/2 of 20.38 minutes, decays 100% by positron emission to 11B, and is used in PET scanning.
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The minimum and maximum temperatures are expected to be 11C and 19C, respectively today, with the forecast for Doha being 14C and 21C.
Heavy rain lashed the country and temperatures struggled to rise beyond a chilly 11C.
However, that will move away and a front is coming in from the Atlantic, across the country from west to east, which will bring with it some rain and, after that ,colder air, with temperatures more like 10 or 11C on Saturday.
Temperatures might be up a little but it will still feel chilly, with a maximum of 11C.
Rates start at $1,120 per person for seven-night Eastern Caribbean cruises for a category 11C standard inside stateroom, based on double occupancy.
When we finished this match it was 11C degrees - when we were playing in Shenzhen it was 33C and incredibly humid.
The weather will remain cooler than typical for this time of the year with temperatures during the day reaching up to 11C a 16C.
Bahrain's cold weather will continue today and tomorrow with temperatures expected to drop to below 11C, a report said.
BAHRAIN'S cold snap will continue today and tomorrow with temperatures expected to drop to below 11C.
11C has been preserved as a two bedroom, 1-bath apartment with an entry foyer leading to the livingroom, where there's e decorative fireplace, detailed moldings, and original Herringbone wood floors.
The temperature was recorded as low as minus 11C in Kalat district.
He added: "Temperatures are higher than normal for this time of year as they should be about 12C (53F) which shows just how warm it has been and it will still be mild on Saturday night with evening temperatures around 11C (52F).